Urban Decor for Children’s Rooms

Due to the fact that we are living in a modernism era, nothing is anymore as it used to be. People, houses and buildings, habits, customs and so on; they are not anymore as they used to be. Not even children aren’t like children used to be 30-50 years ago.

And, as they are also facing this modernism phenomenon, it is perfectly normal for them to desire modernism in every aspect of their home, even for their bedrooms.

Though, how can a loving parent decorate his child bedroom in an urban style, without ruining the basic principles of the children’s bedrooms? It’s simple: urban décor can easily suit any bedroom of any children, as long as the decorator –in this case, the parents/tutors – has just a little of common sense.

First of all, the walls should have a chilling color, such as light blue, light pink and so on. Do not use a metallic color even it is a shade of a chilling color. It won’t suit the room, and the child won’t feel comfortable at all in that room. Also, for a more sophisticated chilling effect, try to add the white color into the room. You can do this by painting different models of animals or flowers on the wall, using only the white color. It will look just awesome and will respect the latest trends in the urban art bedroom decorating.

Abstract paintings can also be placed on the walls, but with one specification: the paintings must respect the dominant color of the room. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be in contrast with the main color, but as long as the landscape of the room is ok, even bold colors can be inserted into the paintings.

The real problem comes when the decorators must find a place for the toys. This is because most of the toys don’t actually suit modernism, and therefore, compiling the aspects of a modern room with some bold colored toys. There are 2 solutions for this problem: either the parents are buying only expensive toys –which are usually created in a modern way – or, they can choose to make a play room separated than the bedroom. One type of toys can make an exception from the above rule: plush toys. They are usually small, with normal colors and not bold ones, can suit every bedroom.

As for the rest of the room, bed and lightning, it doesn’t quite matter what model they are as long as they are offering the comfort that the child is in need of.

The above presented ideas are modernistic principles of how to decorate some of the children’s bedroom. The parents are free to choose models and shapes, depending directly of what the size of the room is and how old are their children.

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