Unique Tattle Tale Cups by MIXUSSTUDIO

Everybody loves coffee or tea. It depends on the tastes of each of us or of our needs.

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Whether we drink our tea in the morning or we invite our friends at a cup of coffee in the afternoon, we should take care that the tea or coffee be served in an elegant way.

MIXUSSTUDIO had an original idea of creating some Tattle Tale  Cups that their handle takes the shape of the letters of the alphabet.

As in the commerce a new product with a beautiful arrangement will be noticed by a buyer more quickly, the same way will happen with these cups that have a unique design and will give more flavor to the served drink.

Now every member of the family that has the initial of his name on his cup will know which is his and nobody will confuse them anymore. As you will have the initial of your name on the cup you become attached to it and the flavor of your coffee will seem more special.

Your guest will also be surprised in a nice manner when you bring them the cups that have the initials of their names attached on them.

Your kids will also be able to learn the letters of the alphabet more quickly with these types of cups.



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Posted in Design And Concept on July 18, 2011

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