Types of glass for your exterior door

The exterior door is one of the most intriguing parts of a home. Needless to be mentioned but it states the ambience of the home and is the crux factor in creating the first and the last impression.

Most of the individuals tend to give more importance to the function of exterior doors than look. As a result, they select typical wooden or metal doors. However, both, function and look are equally important. Generally, glass is not given a preference in the selection of exterior doors as people assume that they have to compromise security in exchange of looks. However, this is absolutely false. Today, glass doors are capable of providing security, looks as well as energy efficiency.

Insulated Glass – Insulated glass focuses on energy efficiency. It is manufactured by closely sealing together two or more glass sheets with a gap varying between 6mm to 12mm and filled with dry air. Insulated glass assists to keep the house warm in winter months and cool in summer months. Some other common benefits offered by insulated glass are prevention of interior furnishings from fading, transmittance of visible light, and reduction of condensation.

Textured Glass – Textured Glass is the ideal option for those who wish to allow in light and also maintain their indoor privacy. Textured glass is available in many varieties such as ripple, glazed, frosted, reed, beveled, weave, gotta, water glass, and more.

Prism Glass – Prism glass is a type of architectural glass that directs lights in different directions through the use of reflection and refraction. The glass is transparent and features prism ribs arranged in decorative design to reflect color and light in different directions.

Stained Glass – Stained glass is a combination of glass and lead. A variety of glass pieces in different colors and sizes are used to create the design. The pieces are edged together with the help of copper foil. This particular type of glass is often used in combination with other materials such as insulated glass or wood for the exterior door.

Bullet proof glass – Several layers of plate glass and laminate are bounded together to create bullet proof glass. As the name implies, the glass offers protection against bullets, and thus provides utmost security. However, bullet proof glass is known to break upon impact but does not shatter.

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