Different Types Of Glass That Front Doors Can Feature

Your front door sets the tone for your entire home. It creates the first and the last impression. But apart from the aesthetic aspect, the front door also has to be safe. It shields your home from the outside world. It’s when the material comes into the mix. Glass, for example, is a very intriguing material so let’s see how it can be used in front door designs and what types you can choose from.

Textured glass.

Given the fact that glass is usually transparent, this particular type is a really nice variation because it allows you to keep the inside of your home private while also featuring a stylish design on your front door. Textured glass comes in several varieties including frosted glass which is really common as well as glazed, ripple, beveled, water glass, etc.

Insulated glass.

In case you’re worried a glass door won’t offer much protection against the cold weather outside, think again because there’s a type known as insulated glass which is made by closely sealing together two or more sheets of glass and inserting dry air in between. These doors keep your house warm during winter and also let some of the light in.

Stained glass.

This is actually a combination of glass and lead. Pieces of glass featuring different colors and sizes and used during the process. They are secured together with copper foil. In the case of exterior doors, stained glass is often used in combination with wood to get a vintage look.

Clear glass.

Then there’s also the glass we know the best. Clear glass doors obviously offer very little privacy but they definitely look stylish. Most often, this type of glass is used as a decorative element for doors made of more solid materials such as wood for example.

Toughened glass.

This type of glass has broad applications in products for buildings, automobiles, glass partitions and doors. Its main characteristic is that it’s been treated to be more resistant to breakage and to break in a more predictable way when that happens.

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