Two Questions to Ask After Buying a Second Home

Many people are deciding to buy a second home or a condominium. People who enjoy vacationing in places like Hawaii may spark them to buy a condominium or a home in Hawaii where they can spend a few months in the home before returning back to their first home for the rest of the year. There are also people who buy a second home that they will live in for half of the year, and then live the other half of the year in their first home. The second home may be a ranch home in a rural area that may bring them peace and solitude away from a busy city. When deciding to buy a second home there are a few questions that should be asked. The first question is can they afford a second home?

Two Questions to Ask After Buying a Second Home

When buying a second home a person must have income that is disposable. This means that there must be a lot of income that does not go to any other debt payments or mortgage payments. It is basically free money that the person wants to invest in real estate instead of saving in their bank. The benefit of buying a second home is not just having a place to go, in order to get away for awhile, but it is an investment that can be rented out to renters in order to make the mortgage payment. Other questions that will go with the first question is how the second home is going to affect their insurance and tax payments. There are many things to factor in when buying a second home. People may want to rent out the second home if they find that the taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs of the new home are going to be more than they bargained for.

The second question would be the location of the home. Where will the second home be located? If a person buys a second home in their same hometown then the people are more likely wanting to rent that home out to make the mortgage payment. These types of decisions are usually investment opportunities, or maybe they want another home waiting in the wings if they decide to sell their first home. If the location for a second home is in a tropical setting then the person is probably wanting a place that they can use to get away from the rat race of their every day lives. They will need to decide if owning a second home in another location to get away too is more beneficial than just renting a hotel.

There are a lot more costs that will go into a first and second home. If the persons income is in a higher bracket, then they can most likely afford a second home. If they are wanting to buy a second home as an investment opportunity to give themselves leverage for a greater financial future, then they may want to think harder on the subject because of the added costs involved.

Published by in Real Estate, on October 24th, 2010


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