Decorating With Tuscan Accents – Essential Style Secrets

Have you found your decorating style yet? The Tuscan style has gained popularity in the recent years so maybe this could be it. It’s an attractive style because of its unpretentious approach and emphasis on warmth and comfort. It takes you to a charming place: the Italian countryside.

The outdoors areas are extremely important.

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The Tuscan lifestyle relies a lot of outdoor spaces such as a cozy dining spot where you can enjoy your coffee in the morning or an inviting poolside area so you can fully enjoy the sun and the beautiful weather.

Balconies and large courtyards.

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Balconies are essential in Tuscan architecture and they’re not only an element to be used for the exterior of the building. They can even be found indoors, in a large foyer or a room with high ceilings. Exterior balconies are usually facing a large garden or courtyard.

Exposed beams.

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Large wooden beams that support and decorate the ceiling are not particularly a characteristic of the Tuscan style but they do contribute to an overall authentic look. Leave the wood natural if you want a rustic feel.

Lots of stone.

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Stone is a widely used material in Italy and not just for the exterior walls. You can often find stone walls and accent details inside the house as well. Perhaps a stone fireplace would be a feature you can enjoy.

The kitchen is the heart of the home.

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The kitchen is important in any style but more so in this case. For Italian homes, family is extremely important and the kitchen is where everyone gathers to eat and interact. Kitchen are spacious and usually also include a dining area.

Earthy colors.

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The Tuscan color palette revolved around colors found in nature such as green, brick red, sky blue, sunny yellow and brown. Colors shouldn’t be too bold and fresh. They should look as through they’ve faded in the sun.

Textured wall treatments.

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Tactile wall treatments are often used in Tuscan homes to make the rooms feel more inviting and to give the impression of a farmhouse. Combine several shades of the same color to give your walls that unique, textured look and layer the shades for a unique look.

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