Turn Your Room Into a Study Place but Still Have It Be Your Room

Today, most of the flats and apartments have limited space, and it is impossible to take out space for creation of a separate study area. However, having a study area is also very vital as it shall help you concentrate and study effectively. This does not necessarily mean that you need to have a separate place. You can easily create a separate place within a room. And the best room to create it is your bedroom.

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Below is a list of steps that shall help you turn your room into a study place but still have it be your room –

1) First of all, you need to clean your room and de clutter it as it is impossible to study and concentrate if things are scattered all around the room. Placing all the things in an orderly fashion and in their respective places will assist you to study effectively.

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2) Determine an open space in your room, which can be used as the study area. Assure that the area can accommodate a desk or a chest and is not close to television, music system or theatre as it may break your concentrate.

3) Get a simple desk and chair for your study area in accordance with the décor of the room. Assure that the chair and desk you buy impart complete comfort to you. It is vital that they do not strain your neck, back, legs and hands so that you can use them easily for prolonged hours.

4) The next step is to stock the study space with all equipments and tools you may require such as pens, pencils, marker, ink bottle, ruler, rubber, stapler, scissors, gum, paper, dictionary, calculator, thesaurus, etc. For the stationery items, you can use a container, cup or a tray.

5) In the center of the study place or at one end, place your desktop, notebook or laptop.

6) Store books, printed documents, papers and study material that you may need in the shelves, compartments and drawers of the study table.

7) Install a focus type lighting fixture so that you get enough light while studying and do not strain your eyes. It is better to mount a lighting fixture on a wall instead of using a table lamp as you will have extra free space on your study desk.