Turn Your Old Window Frame Into Jewelry Display

This frame is perfect for your hand made jewelry when you need to display them in a proper way. The jewelry display is hand made, from a reconditioned old window frame. You could insert in the window frame bolts or something more beautiful, where you could put earrings and bracelets. This is not a hard job, but not so easy, it will take time to complete, but the final job will be rewording.

First you have to find an old window frame. Second of all you have to turn the damaged window frame into one that will go well with your jewelry. You have to clean the window frame up, remove all the dust and the surplus and then paint it, if you want, in any color you like. You should now that old windows may contain lead paint so you will have to exercise with caution when refinishing them.

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You should now create the fabric-covered panels of upholstered foam core board. In the third place you should prepare to install the window screening panels. After you added the screening panels you will get straight to mounting the beautiful paper where your handmade jewelry would go. This is a perfect way to expose your jewelry in a festival, or just a great way to put your own jewelry, so that you can pick everyone you like with ease, at the wall. In this way you can decorate a little your apartment with your own handmade things.The full project on theborrowedabode.

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Posted in DIY Projects on April 2, 2012

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