Tulip Bathroom Lamp by Vibia

Lighting is important for any room, but I think it is most important in the bathroom.  That is explained by the fact that you need some stronger lighting in this room because you need to shave your face if you are a man and to apply make-up if you are a woman. And if the lighting is improper than you will look funny. That is why usually bathrooms have wall mounted lamps instead of ceiling hanging lamps. So this Tulip Bathroom Lamp by Vibia is just perfect for any bathroom.. It is cool and has a nice and simple design and it works with a 60 Watt  light bulb.

The lamp is made of polished chrome and a hand blown cased opal white glass diffuser. This makes the light generates by it be strong, but diffuse and not bad for the eyes, pleasant and the whole atmosphere pretty nice. The lamp is perfect for the bathroom wall and is the wonderful work of the designers Alberto Lievore & Jannette Altherr . However, you can choose the version for table which is perfect for your bedroom or maybe the one in suspension that is perfect for the living room. You can also choose it to have lacquered white metal finish. Whatever model you decide to purchase,  it is available for $355.02.

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Posted in Lighting on January 14, 2012

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