Traditional white parrot lamp

Traditional lighting fixtures become more and more inadequate for our interiors. To deal with this problem and to stay connected to the latest trends, manufacturers imagine and build unique objects that not only go hand in hand with our modern interiors but they also have the power to set trends.  This lamp over here features an intricate detailed resin parrot figure that sits on a branch on a rectangular base.

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This superb design adds a tremendous exotic appeal to the lamp and all that hand painted shades and the bright tropical color makes it even more desirable. To be able to perfectly blend in modern interiors a white coat covers the piece’s base. Speaking about base, this resin and metal handcrafted piece measures: base, 16”Sq. x 16”T.  shade, 16”Dia x 10”T. It is pretty powerful for its size therefore the lamp uses a 150-watt bulb, in also has the harp and finial included.

This white parrot lamp is available for purchase for the price of  $625. I don’t know if it is cheap or expensive and I’m going to let you decide for yourself, because this item can be a must have for someone and s non-interesting piece for somebody else. All I know is that every room needs light and light sets the mood in any environment. If your interior setting needs this lamp, go for it.