Top Ingenious Recycled Furniture Design Ideas

When you’re creative you can work with anything. For example, what could seem like nothing but a regular piece of furniture to someone could look like a piece with great potential for becoming something else to someone else. Recycling furniture can be a process with intriguing and very interesting results. If you’re not convinced, take a look at these creations:

The amazing transforming oven lounge.

This lounge chair, for example, is made from what used to be an oven. Believe it or not, the transformation was successful. The oven was first taken apart and then modified. An internal seat was added as well as a removable ottoman. The result was an unexpected new piece that can be used as a comfortable lounge chair.{found on etsy}.

Spool table.

This is a coffee table that used to be a wooden spool. The spool was salvaged and pretty much left untouched. It was simply placed on its side and it became a lovely coffee table with a rustic chic look. It’s simple and it has a nice country-style look but it’s also a piece that could be included in a more modern décor with a casual design.{found on curbly}.

Recycled shopping cart.

Most people would say that there’s not much you can do with a shopping cart other than shop. Well, that’s true in most cases. But if you want, you could turn the shopping cart into a nice lounge chair to use on a terrace, deck or by the pool. You’ll have to paint the cart and, of course, take it apart and remodel it.{found on site}.

Using recycled furniture as planters.

Another very ingenious idea would be to use old furniture as planters. For example, this is a hybrid made from part of old furniture pieces and turned into a complex planter. There are several other designs that share the same characteristics, each with a unique design. They were created by designers Peter Bottazzi and Denish Bonapace and they are all handmade.

Old magazines into a stool.

If you have subscriptions to magazines then you probably like to read and to keep up with all the latest news and trends. But what do you do with all the magazines that keep piling up? Well, maybe this will answer the question. This is the Hockenheimer stool. It was designed by NJU Studio and it makes great use of old magazines.

Recycled suitcase.

Old suitcases also have great potential of becoming eye-catching furniture for your home. They can be turned into all sorts of things, from beds for your pets to chairs and ottomans. Here are a few designs that might inspire you to start your own project. As you can see, you just have to add a seat and to turn the top part into a backrest.


Here’s another crazy idea: turn an old tub into an ottoman. You basically just have to add an upholstered seat and to make sure it fits well. The ottoman will have a unique charm and, depending on the condition, shape and look of the tub, it will have a unique style as well.

Half tables stacked into shelving.

If you have some old tables or desks sitting around in your home, being useless, then maybe you should change that. Here’s an interesting idea: slice them in half and pile them up to create unique wall units. You’ll get eye-catching shelves by mixing random recycled table parts. You’ll have to make a plan first and then cut the furniture. You can paint the pieces the same color for a uniform look.{found on Isabel Quiroga}.

Fridge couch.

What could result from merging a car seat with a refrigerator, one might ask himself. Well… it would be something similar to this piece. This is the Fridge Couch. Several models can be created. You can have one with dark walnut trim and a gold-painted body for a retro charm, one with electric orange and navy blue accents or with mahogany, avocado green and cherry red features.

Published by in Furniture, on February 18th, 2013


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