Top 5 ways to clean your room

Cleaning rooms in your home is a tiring job. Very few take interest in cleaning their homes; however, you have to clean your home.No matter whether you like it or not, you have to clean your rooms. It’s a duty towards your home. The question remains how you plan to conduct your room cleaning.Cleaning rooms requires patience and a certain level of effort, which you need to put together.


The use of music while cleaning rooms is by far the oldest method which people have used it effectively since more than half a century.Imagine a string of songs, streaming from your favourite DVD player, and by the time you finished your cleaning, you may not even have realised that you had completed your room cleaning.Music is the most effective way to clean your rooms. You could focus on the songs, while your hands do their chores vigorously. That’s what clean rooms is all about. It helps you achieve your goals, without you ever feeling the pinch.

Try a new cleaning tool.

The use of the same old tool every weekend could be just boring and you are turned off by the site of doing the same old chore repeatedly over months and months.

Why not go for a change?

It helps. Buy a new cleaning tool from the market. If you stay in a city, then there bound to be some new tools, which have entered the market. Purchase the new stuff and put them to use. You would love the idea of cleaning rooms with your new tool.


If you have more than one child, put up a contest, and let them clean their own rooms. The contest should revolve around who does the cleaning faster.That would make cleaning real fun.

Plan cleaning rooms.

It’s essential that you plan your cleaning in a particular way. For instance, Clean the shelf, and then move on to utensils. Dust and then throw them off in garbage. Step by step cleaning makes cleaning rooms much easier.

Rearrange your rooms.

It is the best way to clean your rooms. Remember, to rearrange your rooms is always fun. It keeps your excited, and the site of furniture being placed in different places in your rooms is always refreshing. It makes cleaning less boring.

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