Top 15 unusual and creative beds

Beds, beds, beds, we all know what beds are and how they look like. Well let me prove you wrong. Modern beds are more than inspiring, some of them are true masterpieces, funny and playful, either way these modern beds are serious business and they shall not pass unseen. Let’s check them out together.

1.A bed that grows with you.

I’m not a big fan of fancy, and I focus more on functionality but this first bed barely fits in one of the known categories. This bed is almost sculptural and won the first prize at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2007.This design allows the bed to grow with you. The frame is everything; it makes the bed appear as floating a few inches of the ground but it’s really supported by those two opposing white corners that also double as end tables.

This modern design allows you to start with “single” and then when you need more space you can double it up. The innovative frame created by Joel Hesselgren can be divided so it support two single side by side.{found on yankodesign}.

2.Book bed.

Well that’s more like it; this is a bed you want no matter how old you are. Beds like this one unleash the kid inside anyone.  It is called the book bed because it really looks like a book with pages, covers and everything. Pillows are used as bookmarks and they are great if you have two kids and plenty of space in their room. I think it is important for the children to have their own space and learn to manage it. With this bed, kids combine fun and responsibilities. It was created by Japanese artist Yusuke Suzuki especially to add more than a playful note into a children’s bedroom, it is fun to sleep in it almost becoming a part of the book, part of the story inside, part of the mystery.

3.Ecotypic bed.

Modern beds also fulfill eco enthusiast’s needs. This “Ecotypic Bed”  is a true green bed and I mean it literally. It has LED reading lights above your head, speakers for music to wake you up in the morning and a flower box for lovely vines to grow up the bed sides. Special LED light was also mounted to help plants grow indoors, without natural light.

Health and comfort are for the first time combined in a revolutionary product. You can exercise around the bed with straps and pulleys to keep your shape fit and also relax on a bed that changes humidity, has air conditioning and surrounds you with freshness and aroma o the plants around the bed.  A special unit mounted underneath transforms the activities you do on and around the bed into energy and the stores into a battery so it can be used when needed for the other great functions.  This thing makes you never want to leave your bedroom.{found on yankodesign}.

4.Cabriolet bed.

The days that we call them now “retro”, were in fact days of great innovations and huge, bold steps into design, technology and so on. The Cabriolet bed made by Joe Colombo revolutionized the living habitat with his concept of non-furniture. His concept managed to synthesize day-time and night-time environments in a single space that has numerous functions.

Inspired by a convertible car the bed’s yellow hood can be closed, providing so a cozy feeling of full privacy.  This bed was among the first who had a control panel that to operate a generous fan, a cigarette lighter, radio and a telephone. In its days these things were called living machines because they were not just simple furniture, they involved a lot of moving parts and mechanisms. These things in their times were the “transformers” from today.{found on designboom}.

5.Millennium falcon bed.

Star Wars fans have also reasons to watch this material because I have here the perfect bed for their geeky bedroom. The Millennium Falcon Bed was designed by Kayla Kromer and feature wonderful fully functional headlights, a star field projection and a lot of hidden compartments.  You guys can now impress girls that are passionate about the same thing as you are with your bed. I would go even further and imagine costumes and some role play and just take the Millennium Falcon Bed for a “spin”.

6.Toilet bed.

Since we are talking about modern beds in modern times we have to face the fact that not every aspect is colored in pink bright shades. Sick people and our elderly need their share of modernism, but focusing on their actual needs.  This next bed was especially designed for people that are physically impaired who can’t make their way to the toilet.

This great innovation has a lot of electronics and mechanics behind that common bed and toilet. This product features a built-in dry toilet facility where waste is contained in special waste bags that are electronically sealed.  Although this isn’t something we usually write about, I salute the idea because probably a lot of people will benefit from it making their condition a little bit more manageable, making them less dependable of people to take care of them. {found on yankodesign}.

7.Gigantic hammock bed.

This next thing is kind of wired looking but kind of fun and probably very comfortable, not to mention that eating in bed is taken to a new level; you don’t t have to worry about spilling crumbs again. Nonconformists everywhere will love this idea because probably it was never attempted before in this form and it looks very unusual.

Let’s be honest I bet you won’t see many people having a Mesh Hammock bed in their homes, and if they have it is probably hanged from the ceiling or walls, not where the floor is suppose to be. I was discussing with some of my friends over this type of bed and crazy ideas started to come, like placing this “bed” above the kitchen and with the proper tools you can easily cook or eat breakfast without even getting off. There is one thing though, what do you do if you’re living at the 4th floor?{found on ohgizmo}.

8.Roller coaster bed.

Believe it or not, this roller coaster looking thing is actually a bed. Although its shape makes us think about dizziness and a lot of screaming coming from all around this was designed for relaxation. Don’t worry though because designers explored the limits of evolution in both interior and exterior on a special exhibition so I can’t see this bed in your house tomorrow or next week. It’s going to sound a little mean but it is necessarily to prove my point: this is like all those extravagant creations we see on the catwalk that nobody wears. I wouldn’t be surprised though, to find out that Lady Gaga bought this bed.{found on Neatorama}.

9.Bed on a rope.

This hanging bed is supported only by four ropes, one for each corner tied by the ceiling. The reason I put this here is because beds usually sits in the floor, have four legs and so on. This is hanged by the ceiling with 4 pieces of rope. They can easily hold the bed’s weight and a few more kilos representing the people sleeping there, but you don’t get an overall feeling of a solid place to sleep and this is at least unusual.  I like creating a little bit of diversity in all of my work, and I believe that was the case of the person who designed this. Carefully though; you can’t hide anybody under this bed!

10.Giant bird nest.

This is not just an unusual bed for a bedroom or any room. This is part of something bigger; you will have to implement an entire philosophy if you want to have a bed like this one. This bed represents a bird’s nest   that hold’s among “ eggs” little humans eager to have fun. Part of that philosophy I was talking about is the care and attention, protection represented by the nest. If we start an analogy upon the signification of each object, this bird nest is everything you want for your baby. Birds, build the safest, comfortable place for their offspring, so do you want the best place for your baby to sleep and grow healthy. Placed in the middle of a room this bed fits with the ideas mentioned earlier, your baby as any baby represents our future, our legacy so we have to take care of them. On the other side, kids don’t care about philosophy and for them this is a giant play ground.{foudn on site}.

11.Sofa beds.

Sofa beds were, at least until now pretty straight forward, concentrating on functionality. This new concept is called the Morfeo and for some of you this can be pretty much the ultimate combination, especially for those who love to read in bed.  This sleeper  has great curves  and a very playful look. The moment I saw the Morfeo, in my mind automatically came a famous cartoon character (Shreq) that has ears exactly like those two reading lights.  Those light can be turned on and off individually and adjusted in multiple positions so you can read in your favorite position.  Modern interiors will appreciate the Morfeo especially because it is available in several colors, making it very easy to integrate in any interior décor.

12.Sandwich bed.

Thematic interiors conquer more and more children bedrooms. Super heroes and super powers fascinate the little ones, and having their favorite character’s theme in their own bedroom is a dream come true. As we can see in this picture thematic interiors are not only for children. This for instance is part of the fourth network FantaSuite Hotels.  This cool and very original interior represents a dining table from a restaurant on which a sandwich is served on a plate. Along the table there are various recipients with mustard, ketchup, a napkin dispenser and so on.  Diversity helps us in any moment of the day making thing less boring and keeping us far away from monotony.  I like what I see here and its uniqueness is probably part of a powerful marketing plan to attract customers driven by curiosity and the need for something new and different.{found on site}.

13.Sonic bed.

Well, that’s a bed I would love to have in my room right now while I’m writing this post.  This is the kind of bed that brags itself that can make you deaf while taking a nap. If you thought your car speakers are really loud wait until you see this bed. The sonic bed is a king-size bed with 12-chanel surround sound. It is very large indeed but this is only because inside there are a lot of speakers, amplifiers, thick wires and enough air volume for the sound to be perfect.  This is not and I repeat, NOT a good idea if you’re a busy person with a tight schedule because if you throw in a big plasma TV you will never leave your bed. I know that if I had my entire body covered in sound I will only get down if the house is set on fire.{found on gizmodo}.

14.Floating bed.

When we hear something about a floating bed we imagine all kinds of things that are supporting the bed and it’s called the floating bed just because is placed a little higher from the ground or as we have seen a little earlier supported by wires or ropes from the ceiling. You will be surprised to see that this bed has none of the above. This true cantilevered bed, a one of a kind creation I bet you would want one. It fits perfectly in a modern interior with modern people, because being open minded is a condition of you want to try something like this in your home. If you suddenly get inspired don’t try to do anything like this in your bedroom, if you want to preserve your walls as they are. This is serious business and needs high qualifications, knowledge and a lot of talent and vision. It is great to see it in action though as proof that imagination has no limitations.{found on oddee}.

15.Bookcase into a bed.

Let’s stick with imagination for a while and talk about this bed.  This radical thinking provided a viable solution for tight interiors. This is nothing else but a bookcase that transforms into a bed. Seems pretty simple but I bet you wouldn’t thought about this in a thousand years. A carefully cutout mattress stands upright forming the bulk of the bookcase. When this is lowered down on the floor the two mattress sections slot together to form a nice comfortable bed. Karen Babel designed the back of the mattress, the part that is visible when put against the wall in a two tone color scheme for a cool modern effect. I imagine your friend’s reaction when they see no bed in your apartment and suddenly your bookcase becomes one.

I hope you liked this material about beds, after all this is where all the magic happens.

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