Top 15 DIY Key Holders & Racks For Your Home

To get access anywhere you need a key. Someone told me once that everything opens with the right key. For those of you who put their keys everywhere and don’t find them when you need them the most I’m going to present you some interesting ways to put your keys, and never lose them again. The need for a key holder is a real fact in our modern life. We have car keys, keys form our homes, office and so on. Losing them would be a disaster in a tight situation and that is why you should take seriously into consideration having a special place for your keys.

DIY Vintage Keys Frame.

One of my favorite key holder looks very much like a picture. Your keys are the stars in this wonderful setting. Imagine a wonderful vintage frame with small hooks to support your keys. It’s even possible to do it yourself when you have a few free minutes. All you need is a nice frame and hooks. Then, like a picture, hand the support to be at hand every time you leave or get home.{found on purplecarrot}.

Diy key rak for Geeks.

This is a wonderful key holder for geeks or people with engineering skills. It is made from several wall mounted  RJ-45 jack network boxes, identically to those for your computer. Strapped to each key is a matching jack that plugs into the box. It has a very simple mechanism, those who have been experiencing with internet wires know, what I’m talking about. It’s quick and ingenious, and most of all, all your keys will be exactly where you have left them.{found on instructables}.

Car key magnetic switch plate hook.

Another cool key holder uses magnets. Most of the keys stick to a magnet and so this key holder was born. It is positioned exactly in the same place with the light switch to ease your job. Just enter the house, open the lights and  approach the keys, the powerful magnet will automatically attract them. How cool is that? Having a light switch that also takes care of your keys.{found on intructables}.

Old Doornobs DIY Retro Key Holder.

If you want a more retro approach for your key holder this can be your answer. It is actually  made from old door knobs placed on a board. This solution is surprisingly strong, being able to hold your coat or purse. Placed close to the entry , on a lobby or the nearby wall, this comes in handy to everyone.{found on designsponge}.

Diy driftwood key holder.

A beautiful solution to your keys can be this driftwood. This is viewed more from the decorative point of view and is really simple to implement. Driftwood is very easy to find , especially if you live near a beach. Along with a couple of hooks this can be a wonderful key holder that also looks really good in your hallway.{found on bringrestoration}.

Funky Diy key holder.

The next key rack idea needed very little effort to complete. It is a simple wooden board on which a decorative paper was glued. The interesting fact is that on that piece of wood you can put whatever image you like. Just print it and glue it on, then attach the hooks and hangers and you’ve got yourself an original key holder.{found on howabout}.

Hotel inspired key holder.

If your house interior permits it you can chose for a hotel inspired key holder. I have always liked those key boards from cheap hotels, with random keys with numbers on them. Now, you can make your own with simple wooden boards, some paint, hooks and if you really want to spice things up, use name tags and metal keychains with numbers on them.{found on meridianroad}.

Modern key holder.

Most of the key racks are built in the traditional way, a wooden board with hooks mounted on them and hanged on the wall. This version of a key holder features a patterned board but having the hooks mounted beneath. This item has a double function, it looks good on the wall, replacing beautifully any painting or artwork, but holding your keys as well.{found on designsponge}.

Kitchen ustensil key rack.

For nonconformists there is another option regarding key racks. This particular project involves kitchen utensils secured on a square piece of wood. In this original way you can add a spontaneous splash of color on a big white wall and also place your keys. If you want to try something like that on your own the process is simple: bend the silverware, paint the wooden pads, and with a powerful glue secure everything in place.{found on designesponge}.

Unusual bird house key holder.

If you  want a girly approach for your brand new key rack this is the way to go. The project is pretty colored with a sweet touch. The bird houses are covered in masking tape with various patterns and colors. The effect is really interesting and eye catching making in near the front door a nice focal point for anybody that steps in.{found on torie}.

Paper flower key holder.

To continue the soft and delicate category of the key holders, I will bring to your attention this wonderful  paper flower key holder. It is simple but with a tremendous effect to the décor. To build an item like this you need some old pages, cut and folded to look like a flower, some glue to secure it on a piece of cardboard, then craft a wire hook from a spare hanger and glue everything in place. Spray the paper flower with some Krylon Clear Coat until the whole ensemble looks nice and sturdy.{found on fiskars}.

Diy decoupage key holder.

This next key holder touches in way the artistic sphere. This a beautiful art piece for the wall that can also hold your keys in one place so you don’t have to look for them every time you leave the house. The component elements are simple: an oval shaped piece of wood, hooks and for the aesthetic part some patterned fabric  for the background and a main  animal motif  on top. The finished product looks wonderful with or without keys.{found on prudentbaby}.

Mustache key holder.

A true inspiring item with a very cool effect is represented by this unique moustache  key holder. As you can imagine you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to build it. If you don’t  want to get personally involved you can buy it from The Curiosity Shoppe and just place it where it is going to be the most useful. I bet your keys would really want to be hanged there.{found on apt}.

Buckle up key holder.

This key holder as silly as you would imagine it , is really fun. The buckle up key holder gives you a certain degree of insurance that your keys will definitely be there when you need them. Inspired by the seatbelt in your car this unique system  puts a smile on your face every time you hear that “click” .{found on thabto}.

Lanyard key holder.

This last type of key holder exists for ages and  is used in many areas and by various people with various purposes( not only for keys).  Indeed nothing compares with an original handmade object that will serve you through your daily tasks.  It takes a  few strips of fabric, preferably in different patterns and vivid colors, because it needs to be easy to spot. It would be ideal for guards  or janitors.{found on fiskars}.

Published by in DIY Projects, on March 15th, 2012


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