Top 15 before&after office spaces makeover

To better appreciate your work you will need to make a comparison. The best way to do this is with a before and after project. This means to carefully photograph everything before and after you start your project. Because we’re talking about interior spaces changes shouldn’t be very hard to spot, but without a proper technique you might ruin a project with high potential. Some people did the projects themselves, some had a little help.

The only thing that interests us is how the spaces turned up, because here we appreciate quality and taste. Let’s take a look at some marvelous projects and then we can draw some conclusions, maybe even inspire you.Enjoy!

1. Stunning Office Transformation

This first Before and after office space project is so great because the transformation is so radical. Starting with a simple room Katelyn James managed to create a stunning office. She used an incredible fresh theme with turquoise  walls and white ceiling. The furniture follows the clean line, painted in impeccable glossy white. On the floor there is a wonderful carpet that covers the entire space. This office is situated in the house, so the owner could play more with personal touches and marvelous decorative items. I love the settee  and the wall  art behind  it. The interior could best be described as being fresh and modern, with warm personal touches.{found on kellyblog}.

2. A Soft and Serene Office Makeover!

This second Before and After office space is at least as dramatic as the one above. Looking at the picture that features the “before” part of the project  I think I know why Christa Elyce was sometimes embarrassed when meeting her clients. With a little help and some saving she decided to transform its office into a true reflection of her personality and artistic vision.

In the ‘After” part of this project we can see the new space. It not particularly cohesive but this version looks a lot better. The color palette contains bright colors contrasting with the floor and other natural wooden elements. Also being part of a house this office has a lot of personal touches, like that beautiful dresser for example.{found on Christa Elyce}. 3. Blogger office makeover.

Before and after office spaces are truly fun to watch and comment but there are many people with offices in the house and which door is always shut when people come to visit. This is exactly what just happened in this case. This office was for many years a storage space, where work occurred from time to time. The idea of an overhaul coma when the owner found some wonderful bookcases at a local outlet that was closing its doors.

The project took about five months to complete but when we look at the finished product it was totally  worth it.  Nice gray tones are wonderfully combined with vivid color and plenty of light. The wonderful furniture complements the space, and stands still and elegant  among  playful decorative items.{found on centsaionalgirl}.

4. Colorful modern makeover.

This makeover was made by Sharlene and her Before and after office space project features all the candy colors you can imagine. Her “before” office was dull and messy, filled with neutral colors and not necessarily caring about look and aesthetics. Interior designer Elle Uy helped the transformation of this place where we usually spend a big part of our day. The “after” office looks marvelous and very chic.

All places where we spend time should look good and we should feel very good in them, in this way work isn’t perceived as an awful activity. There is  an imaginary line that separates the lower portion of the space painted all in white along with the white desk and drawers, except for the golden transparent chairs. On the upper side there is wide palette  of warm candy colors placed randomly in a playful note. The overall feeling makes you feel young,  fresh and the positive energy that surrounds the place can be felt from the moment you step in.{found on switcheroom}.

5. Designer office makeover.

This wonderful Before and after office space project is signed by Avenue Interior Design. Their ideas changed the work space dramatically. It is funny how an office belonging to a design company looked this way. I salute their idea to overhaul it, because now it looks worthy of such a company.

The theme was mix and matching, a thing very easy to spot if we take a look at the meeting table. That white table is surrounded by different chairs. The yellow one is in the Louis style, another  great piece is a Philippe Stark Louis ghost chair, the phantom iconic swoosh chair and a white lacquer Chippendale style chair as well very easily recognizable. I like the transition from dull to interesting.{found on cococozy}.

6. A granny office makeover.

In this Before and after office space project the main idea was to transform the granny’s old room into a modern office. The old décor was traditional with old art pieces and furniture, along with old pictures. The transformation involved clean, straight lines and contrasting colors. The furniture remain the same, but it was coated with fresh paint. The first striking modern object that you see when entering this room is the desk. A clear transparent chair completes the modern set. The most important thing in an overhaul is the color palette. To pass from old to modern you’ll need to  brighten up the place and use high contrasts. Overall it’s fresh and modern, bright and soulless.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

7. Another before after office space.

This particular  before and after office space project is not that dramatic. The original space was initially used as a small home office, white taking care of the new born. As soon as the company grew the need for more space appeared. That new space should not only accommodate a full time job, but also do it in style.

As I was saying if we look at the images we can see a difference between layouts as well between the materials, decorations and  furniture. Although is located in the same place where  the owner lives, the space looks very much with an impersonal office, without too much warm , personal touches. This was probably the only option if you really want to disconnect yourself from home and concentrate about your work.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

8. Office space Before&After.

An office project from Bogota this time, Columbia has been brought to our attention due to its white theme. Before this space was poorly decorated, the main and probably the only idea was concentrated towards functionality. An L-shaped desk with a few electronic devices and a typical office chair.

After the transformation the place looks very bright , also because it has only one color: white. Even the computers are white, as well as the phones. This design calls for a little more color and imagination. Those chairs would be the perfect candidate for a splash of color. In my opinion the “after” office is too white, but looking on the other hand, is really nice and clean. A little more decorations wouldn’t harm the interior.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

9. Orange office.

Cate’s  home office  needed a new layout and some fresh feel. This Before and after office space project took a very short period of time to complete and they focused on built-in storage spaces. Her old setting had books and shelves all over the place and to be honest it didn’t look to good. The new layout allowed her to organizes everything in place and because the space is located in a tight home this office functions also as a guest room. That is why this room has a pull-out couch as well as personal items hung from the walls. This office interior looks very comfortable, more like a living room than an office but for her, this is the perfect environment   for staying focused.{found on flickr}.

10. Graphic redo office.

We’ve seen so far many before and after office space projects and this is a perfect example of a thing started from scratch. The interior was like a blank canvas where anything can happen.  The layout was kept because it suited the owner’s need but except that, nothing remained. The result is perfect. I love a clean simple design but not boring at all.

The bright modern space features a natural wood table with chairs facing each other. The space is tight but is very well arranged, with a lot of storage space and plenty of space to move around. A great thing about a clean white room is the fact that every object stands out, becoming a focal point, like the wonderful clock on the wall. I like how the room turned up and probably is a good place to focus on your work.{found on designsponge}.

11. Home office makeover.

Usually people decorate their own rooms according to their taste, or work hand in hand with a decorator. On this before and after office space project worked a caring wife, to make a surprise for her husband. Before it was a simple room with a desk, computers and chairs, also a place focused only on functionality.

The “After” office looks a lot better. The furniture has the Ikea trademark, and the  floor was re-finished. The painting part was done by Jessica and the only help  she had was from a handy man who mounted the heavy objects.  The color palette is calm, with neutral colors, trying as much as possible not to distract the attention from anything, except work.{found on aptt}.

12. French Canadian Office space.

This before and after office space project is from an aspiring novelist.  Maryse Coziol’s  old office had some issues. First it was the piles of books, manuscripts, and a lot of loose papers that took over her  entire space, than it was the cleaning problem, you just can’t clean a place like that, because in a few minutes the mess is back.

This new design fixes all those issues  and in addition it has a very  inspirational ambiance. The interior contains pieces from Ikea as well as original ones, like the desk, it is made from two hollow desks, cut and assembled to best suit the functional needs. The colors used are meant to concentrate the good thoughts and to put them on paper. Shades of gray and black calm the eye, and absorb the natural light that comes in.{found on decor8}.

13. Music lover office makeover.

Before and after renovations have always been great sources of inspiration for any of us. This project  is strongly connected with the music industry. Ed Forero has its office at home and before restoration had two large black desks put together in the corner. We all know that such a combination adds weight to the space, even more when you have a lot of equipment around it. The “after” office features a little more color, but it’s still loaded. I’d have to admit that it looks completely different, more welcoming and warm, after all it’s his home, and homes are designed to be that way, whether you work or live inside them.{found on LifeHacker}.

14. Vintage budget office makeover.

This project sets an example for those who want to redecorate their office in a budget. This before and after office space projects shows how simple and easy it is to turn nothing into something with just a little time and money invested. The old office had nothing in it. It was just a small place who needed some attention. The new design created a soothing lavender oasis with a wood door tabletop and some Ikea shelves and desk legs.

The newly created space feels airy and very well organizes. Everybody can work here, probably because the atmosphere is calm and there isn’t much to distract your attention. The elements that build this setting are either vintage or salvaged so the transformation could be budget-friendly.{found on Fig & Sage.}.

15. Attic Office Makeover.

This project over here that also features before and after shots of the office space. The old office was quite messy and frankly very ugly, it almost didn’t look like an office at all, but more like a storage area. In the “after” shots we can see what’s changed. The owner wanted an accent wall, so there is this wonderful orange focal point done with vintage wallpapers.

Another condition was storage;  therefore we can find interesting pieces from Ikea combined with other elements where that are absolutely necessarily in a modern office. The overall space has a modern feeling complemented by a playful tone in a unique combination of functionality and looks.  I like  how the new office turned up and most of all I salute the bold initiative of creating that wonderful wall.{found on designsponge}.

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