Top 10 Best Uses For Old Windows

When you replace a window in your home, there’s not much you can do with the old one other than just throw it out. Well, that’s what most people seem to think. However, that’s not exactly true. An old window can have lots of other uses. You just need to be creative. It doesn’t even have to be your own window. You can find one somewhere else and adopt it. Then you can repurpose it and give it a second life. You can use a window to make a display piece or something that’s both eye-catching and functional.

Make a headboard.

An old window, or two if they’re small, can be repurposed and used as a headboard in the bedroom. You just have to either replace the glass with fabric or give it a makeover.

Make a coffee table.

Another great idea would be to use an old window as a top for your living room coffee table. For the base you can use wine boxes or maybe a pallet. Stain the wood or paint it for a fresh new look.{found on}.

A window picture frame.

A less popular idea but one that’s very interesting would be to use an old window as a frame for photos and artwork. Make backing for the frame and keep the glass for protection.{found on theepochtimes}.

Garden greenhouses.

A very clever use of old windows would be a greenhouse for your garden or backyard. You can also use old doors to make a small structure with lots of glass so that the light can get through to the plants inside.

Window chalkboards.

Chalkboard paint can be used to many original projects. For example, take an old window, scrap the paint off and sand it. Then use colored gel stain and paint the window panes with chalkboard paint.{found on thehomemaderenegade}.

A jewelry display system.

To make an original jewelry display you need an old wooden window frame, metal screening, a foam core board, fabric, some hooks and cabinet knobs. Personalize it according to your own preferences.{found on theborrowedabode}.

Storage for the hallway.

Another practical use for an old window would be in the hallway. Get some hooks for bags, coats, hats, etc. and make a fabric flag banner to decorate the top. You can also make a driftwood sign to hang above.{found on aimee}.

A window shower wall.

Several old windows put together can be used to make a shower wall for the bathroom. You can also put some hooks for towels and clothes and maybe integrate some shelves as well. You should use frosted glass for more privacy.

Entryway accessory.

A large window can also be used at the entryway to make a nice accent piece. It can also be functional if you add some hooks for hanging coats or hats and other accessories.

Tiny green houses.

This is a smaller version of the greenhouses we’ve shown you earlier. They’re basically container with two windows used as a protective roof. It’s a simple design that also looks chic in the garden.

Published by in DIY Projects, on June 12th, 2013


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