Tolix Marais Stool

Every object around us is the illustration of someone’s imagination and work. And the final product depends a lot on the skill they have and also on the way the two are combined: the design and manufacture. In this case the Tolix Marais Stool is the perfect result of a beautiful mind and a skilled company. This Tolix Marais Stool was designed by Chantal Andriot who took over the French company Tolix in 2004 and gave all its products a different angle and view and also a different and new approach. She had a great idea many people considered crazy and this was to have a perforated collection of furniture for outdoors.

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Actually the classic Marais stool and chair were designed in 1934, but this time they had a new modern twist thanks to the perforated steel that it is made of and also thanks to the bright merry colours. Despite the fact that it is all perforated and filled with holes, the stool is still safe and sound and can support the body weight. The chair can be used both outdoors and indoors, but you should be careful not to leave it in the moisture because this might affect its finish. The item is available for $186 from Design Within Reach.