Tips to Efficiently Organize Your Desk Drawers

Achieving an efficient work station has always known to be a cumbersome task. Finding the right desk, drawers, computer system, chairs, lighting is just not enough. You need to ensure that they are properly arranged in an easy accessible and intuitive way.

The desk drawers are known to offer an efficient storage option but at the same time, they also share the reputation of staying cluttered all the time. After all, drawers are also used for storage of varied things. Starting from pens, pencils, other office supplies, files, diaries, papers, etc, all find their way into the desk drawer.

Below is a list of some valuable tips to assist you in organizing your desk drawers –

Assess the available space – It is utmost important to evaluate the available space in the desk and the purpose it shall be used for. This way you will be able to assign different desk drawers to different needs and things won’t get mixed up. Have different drawers or sections of drawers for writing, computing, daily needs, gaming, etc and ensure that things are stored in sections allotted to them. Gaming things should be stored in the drawer allotted for gaming and not in one assigned for computing.

Think about the drawers as a hierarchy of their usefulness – the closer is the desk drawer; the greater is its importance. Hence, the most used items and typically possessing an important value should be stored in the closest desk drawer. Items that are not used frequently should be stored in the distant drawers. In addition, the top drawer should always be prioritized and kept clean. Make it a habit to only use it for storage of important things such as wallet, keys, ID card, etc.

Have a small envelope or box for small papers as they are known to contribute the maximum to the clutter created in a drawer. If you use a small container for storing small paper, your drawer will remain clutter free, and you will also be able to easily locate the papers when required.

Employ a utensil tray for storing office supplies such as the pens, pencils, rubber, ruler, marker, stapler, etc. Utensil trays are cheap in price and are also available in a variety of designs. You may also use a small bowl or cup for holding loose change, pennies, clips, pins, and more.(last 2 images from here).

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