Tips For Personalizing A Rented Apartment

When you’re living in a rented place you often feel restricted. You can’t remodel the apartment and you can’t make any big changes because it’s not your home and you don’t want to invest in something that belongs to someone else. These restrictions might make you believe that you can’t actually make the place feel like a home. That’s not exactly true. There are lots of ways in which you can personalize a rented apartment without having to go beyond those restrictions. For example:

Use wall stickers.

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Wall stickers are a very simple way of personalizing a space. By using them you can avoid having to repaint the walls and you can just give the room a temporary makeover. The stickers don’t cost much and they are removable which means that you can take them off when you decide to move out.

Fabric on the walls.

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Another way of giving the walls a makeover without having to repaint them is to use fabric. You can find a big piece of fabric with a color or a pattern that you really like and you can attach it to the wall. It will cover up a portion of the wall and it will become a nice focal point. Also, when you get tired of it you can just take it off.

Add a nice rug.

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A rug is one of the few things you can buy for a rented apartment that you can then take with you when you move somewhere else. A rug is a nice investment to make and it can greatly change the atmosphere and the look of a room. So pick a rug in any color, size or shape you want and use it to personalize your current home.

Use throw pillows.

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Throw pillows are a great way of adding some color, texture or pattern to a room. It doesn’t matter if it’s your own residence or a rented space. The throw pillows will make it feel more intimate and they will allow you to make the space feel more personal. They are great accent features for any room.

Pick your own wall art.

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Wall art is another great way of personalizing a space, regardless of its status of function. So even if you live in a rented apartment, you can still make it feel like home. Frame some photos or find some artwork that you really like and use it to decorate the rooms.

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