Timeless and versatile acrylic tables and a few suggestions for how to use them in your home

Acrylic tables are the perfect piece of furniture if you want your living room to feel airy and spacious. That’s because this material comes in a variety of colors but, most importantly, the tables can also be transparent, the most common choice. It’s one of their most important qualities. Because of that, they are extremely versatile and they even give the illusion of a larger space.We’re only going to focus on transparent acrylic tables and we’ve selected a few examples that can show you how they can be integrated in almost any type of décor.

An acrylic coffee table can be a wonderful addition to the living room. Its transparency allows you to basically match with anything and it also allows the rug underneath the table to be admired as well. The space occupies by the coffee table is open and this makes the entire room seem more airy.

A beautiful acrylic coffee table can also be included in a minimalist, contemporary, black and white décor where it would fit perfectly. You can also pair it with an acrylic side table and eliminate the clutter in the room, making it seem more spacious.

Acrylic furniture is usually very simple and lacks any sort of decorative details. This makes them wonderful minimalist pieces to be used in contemporary interiors. For example, an acrylic coffee table would look beautiful in an open floor plan. If placed next to the window, the light will pass right through it and the impact will be even stronger.

Transparent acrylic coffee tables are almost invisible, especially when placed in a dynamic décor or with a rug featuring a dynamic pattern underneath it. It’s a nice trick whenever you want your living room to feel less cluttered and more spacious and open.

An acrylic coffee table with sleek legs and an overall slender and stylish design would look even more beautiful and delicate if you add some lovely floral decorations on it. If you also use a transparent vase then the effect will be even more interesting and beautiful.

In a room with plenty of color and strong patterns and textures, sometimes it’s refreshing to use neutral elements. A transparent acrylic coffee table would be a wonderful choice. Its lack of color doesn’t interfere with the rest of the décor and basically preserves the room as such without adding anything to it.

This type of coffee tables is also very practical in living rooms that aren’t part of an open floor plan and thus are smaller. Since you can’t really make any compromises when it comes to comfort, you can try to gain point with pieces such as the coffee table. So even if the living room features large sofas and armchairs, it will feel airy and spacious.

Of course, given their great versatility, acrylic coffee tables can also have the same effect in large rooms. A large room can feel even larger if the furniture is chosen right and if you’re clever and opt for pieces that either save space or have characteristics that create this impression.

Acrylic furniture, despite its lack of striking features, still has a very strong impact. Its simplicity is a key element and then there’s also the elegance and the stylish and chic look that any acrylic coffee table has regardless of the dimensions or design.

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Published by in Furniture, on October 9th, 2012


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