The vintage Ludlow trunk side table

Vintage trunks are often repurposed and turned either into storage units or tables. In this case, they were used to create a very beautiful side table. This practical piece of furniture is versatile by its nature and it serves as an occasional table but also as a bedside table and display unit. The Ludlow table is also very functional.

It was crafted from a vintage trunk and thus offers ample storage and it serves and a functional unit for any room of the house. The repurposed trunk has many beautiful details and artistic elements and it’s also unique. It was carefully finished to replicate weathered canvas and the interior was redesigned to incorporate wood-lined compartments for easy storage. It can be sued to store anything from blankets, games, magazines and personal treasures.

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The Ludlow side table measures 18.5″ wide x 15″ deep x 25″ high and it can be purchased at the price of 382.30 euro. It’s crafted from wood that was textured to resemble weathered canvas and has a hand-applied weathered white finish. The trunk was installed on an antique bronze metal base. It was also equipped with safety hinges, 2 metal handles and rivets and fully-functional lock and buckles. The base is removable so the trunk can also be placed directly on the floor or on a shelf. The table is very beautiful and has a vintage appeal that makes it unique.

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Posted in Furniture on July 15, 2012

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