The Trully Outdoor Wicker Swing Chair

As you’ve surely noticed, spring is finally here. It’s time to store our winter cloths and to start thinking fresh. It’s also time to get out and enjoy the sun and the beautiful weather. For those lucky enough to have a courtyard or outdoor terrace, it’s easy to do that. All you need is a comfortable outdoor swing chair to make the experience perfect. We have just the thing for you.

This is a very beautiful and very stylish outdoor swing chair. It’s simple but very chic and, the best feature of all, very comfortable and cozy. The chair is made of genuine materials including wicker and rattan. It was designed for outdoor use and it’s a great piece of outdoor furniture. Simple assembly is required upon delivery. It’s very quick and easy and you’ll be able to enjoy your swing chair within minutes.

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You can purchase this beautiful outdoor swing chair at the special price of $495. It’s a wonderful way of starting this beautiful season. The chair measures 72’’ from top to the tip of the hanging post. It’s very comfortable and the wicker and rattan are the perfect materials. They are safe and durable while also adding a vintage charm. The egg shell structure provides shade while also allowing you to take a peak in the back. The dimensions of the chair are 39’’ dia x 28’’ d.Available for 495$.

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Posted in Sofa and Chair on March 13, 2012

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