The Singaporean Changi Bungalow from Formwerkz Architects

I precisely do not know what the word Changi implies but I’ve still come to like the name just of this house located in Singapore. Finished by Formwerkz Architects, the real challenge was to come with structure that could be sufficient to house a family of 11 people in a fairly constrained 4600 sq. ft. Add to that the fact that the architects also had to consider the traditional ‘feng shui’ requirements and the requirement of keeping everything under a single roof. Also, this ‘rare’ client wanted no bore to be drilled on the earth. The firm delivered what they could think of best in the form of this Changi Bungalow.

It’s obvious from the beginning that this is a modern place, with great designs and structures, plus it has some amazing features. What is also obvious is that it makes use of the natural elements to create a very relaxing and equilibrated place. It’s beautiful, modern and elegant. This some both for the exterior design as well as for the interior design and the way it’s decorated. However, there’s not a big difference in terms of décor. It’s a nice continuous line that reunites the outside view and the inside of the house. Anyway, this is a great place where you can relax and feel the peace and the calmness.

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Posted in Architecture on July 6, 2010

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