The simply comfortable Play armchair by Rafa García

In another one of our articles we’re presented a contemporary furniture collection designed by Rafa García. It was defined by the minimalist designs and the incredible functionality. Here’s another one of the designer’s creations. This time it’s an armchair. It’s called Play and it was designed by Rafa García for Poltrona in 2007.

simply comfortable Play armchair

Like most of his creations, this armchair is also very simple and chic. It’s also extremely comfortable. The armchair is great for the living room. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite TV show, read a book or even take a nap. The chair features a comfy headrest that will allow you to enjoy it to its fullest. In order to allow the used to enjoy all those activities, Play has been equipped with a modular structure and an articulated back that adapts according to the circumstances.

simply comfortable Play armchairView in gallery

simply comfortable Play armchairView in gallery

The back can be adjusted according to the user’s needs. You can even take a nap in this chair if you also have the end pouf. Moreover, the chair comes in three different models. The design is basically the same but there are details that differ, like the shape f the arm rests for example. Also, the colors are customizable. You can combine the elements that you like and create a unique piece of furniture.

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Posted in Sofa and Chair on November 7, 2011

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