The SARA Armchair by Davide Conti

I want to start today with a comfortable outdoor furniture by Davide Conti. If you like to be relaxed in the natural outdoor environment, go for a SARA Armchair.The armchair allows you to touch the grass with your legs and even with your hands if you want to because it keeps you close to the ground, but in suspension, too.

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It is perfect for lying around on a lazy summer day. It is made of a thick sheet of plywood that is bent in heat and after that cut so as to leave two margins on either side. The interior part of the rectangle is bent in the opposite way and this way you obtain a very comfortable and resistant armchair.

The SARA Armchair by Davide ContiView in gallery

The margins left after cutting the plywood are the arms of the armchair, allowing you to rest your own arms there and feel very comfortable. The bent interior is the perfect seating, which is a bit curved so as to ensure the perfect seating for you. If you place a small cushion on it you stay there in your garden or on the pool side the whole day.