The Nightfly Rectangular Dining Table

In another article we’ve presented the Nightfly entertainment center. We’re now back with another item from the same collection. It’s the Nightfly dining table. Featuring an equally elegant and beautiful design as the entertainment center, the Nightfly dining table would make a wonderful addition to any modern home. Also, it’s a versatile item that could look equally great in traditional homes as well.

The Nightfly dining table has a rectangular tabletop. It features a solid wood construction and it has a high gloss ebony finish. It’s a neutral color that can basically adapt to any type of décor and that can be combined with everything. The table also features a glass top. The overall dimensions of the Nightfly dining table are 79L x 41W x 30H inches and it can be purchased at the special price of $2,850.99.It’s a very elegant piece of furniture, with a modern and minimalist design.

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The high gloss ebony finish gives the table a unique and almost liquid appearance. The protective glass top also contributes to this image. The table is crafted in Italy with the finest of modern materials. The frame of the table is upholstered in faux-crocodile leather, giving it a unique and eye-catching look. Even though the design of the table is very simple, details like this one make it stand out.

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Posted in Furniture on March 28, 2012

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