The new Side by Side Bosch refrigerator

This solid and very spacious refrigerator is the new Side by Side model produced by Bosch. It’s a model that offers the ultimate in storage space, ‘A++’ energy efficiency and elegance. Besides the usual elements and features, this model also presents ice and water dispensers allowing you to enjoy a glass of fresh cold water at any time just by touching a button.

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Of course, you can’t ignore the fact that this refrigerator offer a large storage space, thus allowing you to become eco conscious and keep plenty of fresh produce in there so that you reduce the trips to the market to a minimum. Also, the Nofrost function eliminates the need to defrost.

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Other interesting elements worth to be mentioned are the Multi Airflow, Super Cool, Super Freeze and precise electronic temperature controls that allow you to keep food fresh longer and ensure a constant temperature inside the refrigerator. The refrigerator also features several safety glass shelves that are easily removable and height adjustable, plus transparent vegetable containers, telescopic rails and large door shelves. This is a refrigerator able to accommodate every kind of food, allowing you to prepare complex meals and to be more efficient. Bosch Side by Side is also a very elegant appliance with a sleek and very simple design. You will be able to find this product in stores beginning with January 2012.