The multifunctional trays/storage units by Patricia Urquiola

Designed for B&B Italia by Patricia Urquiola, these pieces are reminiscent of ottomans but they were actually created with a different purpose. Notice that they have metal tops and this lets us know that are not sitting units as their shape suggests. They were designed to be used either as trays or storage units.

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These units are only made to order and they cost £963.00 per piece. They can be very handy and practical as they are chic, versatile and multifunctional. They can serve as practical storage units for all sorts of items. All you have to do is lift the metal tray. The frame of these units is obtained through rotational molding and it’s made of orange thermoplastic material. The internal frame upholstery is made of flakes of polyurethane and PET and they also define the shape of the piece.

The external cover is available in either fabric or leather and they are removable. The dimensions of one such chic unit are W 86cm x D 66cm x H 35cm. The top is a metal tray and it comes in both chalk white and black painted steel. The external cover is available in a series of different colors and combinations and prints are also an option.