The Mercedes-Benz furniture collection

After presenting you the Mustang pool table and the Jaguar bookcase, it’s time for something similar. This is the Mercedes-Benz furniture collection. It seems that furniture designs inspired by and even made from actual cars are a new trend. This new collection will be launched during Milan’s design week this year and everyone will be able to admire it.

The same as the cars the company creates, this furniture collection offers the ultimate in terms of class, style and comfort. I’m sure Mercedes owners often wish they would feel as comfortable in their sofas as they feel in the car. It’s now possible and it’s a concept that this collection exploits along with the idea of originality. The pieces from this collection feature minimalist designs inspired by the brand’s history. They feature a combination of metal, wood and high-quality fabric.

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The Mercedes-Benz collection and any piece that’s part of it would definitely make any living room unique. It will completely change the atmosphere and it will add not only quality but also style to the décor. For those who want to have a taste of these fine furniture pieces, you can admire them starting with the 16th of April up until 21st April 2012 at Mercedes-Benz Milano S.p.A., Via Daimler, 1 – 20151 Milano. While you’re there you’ll also have the opportunity to take a look at rival creations such as the collection created by Aston Martin.{found on EyesIn}

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Posted in Furniture on March 30, 2012

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