The Makeup Table

Your every day make-up becomes a mess when you don’t have a quiet place to do it. The bathroom is always occupied, in the bedroom you can’t do it because you don’t have a mirror and in the kitchen there’s always somebody that interrupts you. That’s why, every woman’s dream is to have her own makeup table, where she will find all the things she needs and where she knows she has a big mirror just for herself. The Stylo Makeup Table by Says Who is in fact a multifunctional table for “the modern woman”, as the designers say. With a simple look and yet plenty of tasks that can resolve, this table will fit perfectly in your bedroom and it won’t occupy a lot of space.

Easy to move and with drawers for all your makeup things, this table will make you feel like a fancy and stylish woman every day. And it will surely bring a smile on your face each morning. It has her own mirror and external tray and to amazing drawers very well divided. And, if you don`t want to use this mirror, you can remove it and use the table like a simple desk where you can do your paper projects.

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All your morning problems are resolved with this amazing table. Useful and necessary for a women, there’s no reason for you not to buy it. This table will make you look beautiful every day because your mascara will be very well applied and not on a hurry like you used to do.