The Lighthouse Ball By Christian Bjorn

Fireplaces are one of the most romantic interior pieces you could hope for, and it’s hard to imagine a person that couldn’t be drawn by its crackling warmth and the promise of a lover’s touch. And also an outdoor fireplace can easy decorate your patio or garden.


The Lighthouse Ball By Christian Bjorn are made of weatherproof steel, with a large removable oil reservoir in stainless steel and plastic. Available in black and white these outdoor fireplaces will create a relaxing and beautiful ambience. The shape is very friendly and simple and reminds of the candles, the romantic candles that everyone loves. There’s nothing like enjoying a nice romantic evening at the light of an oversized candle that, more than that, is a fireplace. Look at the stars in the arms of your loved one and get warm near this modern and very good-looking fireplace.

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Posted in Outdoor on December 4, 2009

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