The Lighterie glass storage unit by Donato D’Urbino

Furniture pieces that have feature glass as one of the main materials for their designs tend to have an ephemeral look. Glass, even though it can be a very strong and sturdy material, is perceived as delicate and unstable. However, glass can be an amazing accent material if it’s made the star of the design. Lighterie uses glass as an accent feature but also as an intermediary and a means of accentuating another ephemeral element: light.

Lighterie is a wall-mounted glass storage unit with a minimalist design and a delicate and yet strong visual impact. It was designed by Donato D’Urbino for Tonelli Design. The unit features very elegant finishes and has a versatile design. It comes in three different models: with four shelves, with two shelves and office desk, with two shelves and TV unit mounted on castors. They are all equally stylish and beautiful.

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Also, this wall unit is available in three different finishes: wenge, bleached oak and laminate aluminum. The dimensions of the unit are variable and there are several options: 102 x 33 x h 200 cm, 102 x 7 x h 200 cm, 210 x 60 x h 18 cm, 318 x 60 x h 18 cm. The thickness will always be the same: 12 mm. The design of this piece would be very beautiful as it is but there’s also another features that takes it even further. The unit features lit glass elements. If we combine all these accent features with the basic design which is simple, elegant, stylish, versatile and multifunctional we get a unique piece of furniture that would look wonderful in a variety of décor and would serve a variety of purposes.

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Posted in Living Room on July 4, 2012

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