The LAX Wall Mounted Headboard and Platform Bed Set

In the bedroom there should be a simple décor, with not a lot of furniture pieces so that you can feel relaxed in there. Still, in the bedroom there’s always a problem: not enough storage space. You can usually solve that by adding a dresser or a closet but what if you don’t want to? Then you have another option even more clever. It’s the LAX headboard, a storage headboard functional in more than one way.

Mounted Headboard and Platform Bed Set

The LAX headboard from Mash Studios is basically a wall-mounted box with shelves inside for storage. It features powder-coated aluminum doors and a very simple and chic design. The LAX headboard coordinates with the LAX platform bed which shares the same minimalist and functional design.

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The bed and headboard are made of English walnut with a natural oil finish and powder coated sliding door made of 1/8 inch thick folded white powder-coated aluminum. The pieces will require some simple assembly as they ship flat and with hardware included. The bed and headboard set comes in two different sizes. There’s the queen platform measuring 91” L x 72” W x 6” H and its matching headboard with the dimensions of 20” H x 72” W x 5” D and the king platform that measures 93” L x 84” W x 6” H and headboard with the dimensions of 20” H x 84” W x 5” D. They are sold separately and the price varies from $1.040 to $1. 250.

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Posted in Furniture on October 28, 2011

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