The Landscape Bathtub By Yaroslav Rassadin

The Landscape Bathtub By Yaroslav Rassadin was designed to solve the problem of limited resources of energy and space in near future. The landscape Bathtub will work as a shower deck in the morning and will later transform into a long relaxing bathtub at night for the users to have a good dose or warm dip before going to bed. This ingenious concept offers vibro-massage features based on turbulent pumping arrangement inside the rubber skin.

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Who would have thought that a shower deck could be transformed into a bathtub just by using your hands. It only takes and minute and the transformation is complete. Another great and ingenious idea was to include rubber into the design. I love rubber. It’s so…fun. It can be modeled easily and it’s also soft and cozy, plus it’s very easy to maintain clean. What I also like about this structure is the color. That green is so fun and bright, it’s the color of the fresh grass on spring time. It’s beautiful.