The Kautsch Collection by Carolin Fieber

This collection is based on the concept that Carolin Fieber is proposing. In 1895, Johann Bretz created his first cozy “Kautsches” (couches) in Gensingen, a German wine village on the Rhine river. Carolin Fieber is his great granddaughter. This Kautsch collection is a rebirth of her great grandfather’s collection. This collection involves new sofas, armchairs, stools, tables and rugs.

The Kautsch Collection by Carolin Fieber4

This is very unique and looks elegant too. This is a perfect piece of furniture to adorn your living room with. It is very comfortable since it is made from velvet.  So, you must definitely go ahead and check out this great piece.

The Kautsch Collection by Carolin Fieber3

The Kautsch Collection by Carolin Fieber

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Don’t be quick to dismiss the velvet. It might not be fancy and popular nowadays, but when it comes to couches this is a great option. It makes them feel so soft and cozy, you just want to fall asleep. The new shapes and colors are very modern and beautiful. They all look extremely comfortable and friendly.

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Posted in Sofa and Chair on November 10, 2009

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