The impressive Whale Chair by Maximo Riera

The famous Animal Chair Collection just got a new addition. It’s the Whale Chair and it’s a unique piece of furniture that pays homage to the world’s largest mammal, the Blue Whale. This chairs is yet another proof that designer Maxino Riera has a very keen eye when it comes to transforming animal silhouettes into pieces of furniture.

The Animal Chair Collection includes several other impressive pieces such as the Rhino Chair, the Walrus Chair, the Elephant Chair or the Octopus Chair. This time the designer turned his attention towards the ocean and decided to pay homage to this amazing animal that is mostly a mystery. The Whale Chair has impressive dimensions, just like the Blue Whale, the animal it represents. It’s a huge piece of furniture, designed to be used in large open spaces.

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The Whale Chair is a statement piece, a piece of furniture designed to capture all the attention. It’s a focal point of attention anywhere it goes. It’s also a chair that could be displayed in private homes, public spaces, galleries and a variety of spaces. It’s a unique centerpiece that features a curved design with an asymmetrical structure. The backrest continues and feature a top section shaped like the whale’s fin. It leans backwards and offers a dynamic perspective. The Whale Chair, the same as all the other pieces from this amazing collection, can be ordered from the designer.

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Posted in Sofa and Chair on June 21, 2012

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