The Importance of Home Inspections

Whether you’re purchasing a home or you’re offering your home for sale, home inspection would be a good idea.  Both the buyer and the seller may opt for home inspection once negotiation is over and before the deal gets sealed.

People who do home inspection are called home inspectors and their job is to assess everything inside and outside of a home, from the roof to the floors, from walls to staircases, from backyards to porches, and so on.

During the inspection, the inspector will walk into all the corners of the house and looks for problems in the structure and foundation.  He peeps into every pipe, electrical wiring systems as well as ventilation and roofing systems. Included also in his inspection are the windows, doors, bathroom tiles, lavatories and garbage disposal system.  He, likewise, calculates how many years the home will be able to withstand wear and tear.

Not only will the home inspector inspect the internal structures of a home, he also will have to check on its outer aspects, such as the outside walls, sprinklers, lawn, porch lights, walkways and driveways as well.

Probably, one of the most important factors that a home inspector will check is the electrical system of the house.  The selling price of a home will greatly depend on this factor.  The inspection shall include the air conditioning system, ceiling and exhaust fans.  The major appliances like ovens, dishwashers and smoke detectors are included in the inspection.  They check whether the entire system pass the regulatory standards or not.

After the home inspector has finished inspecting the home inside and out, he will provide the seller and the buyer a report.  Written on the report are the things that need to be repaired and improved.

The result of home inspection is very crucial as the value of the home greatly depends on it –  that is why you need an inspector who is very efficient and has plenty of experience.  It is important to know that home inspection can’t be completed overnight and is not at all cheap, but this sure can help raise the value of a home.

With the outcome of the home inspection, the buyer may ask the seller to make the necessary repairs before finally closing the deal.  On the other hand, the seller may either accept or reject the request of the buyer, which depends on the weight of the repairs that needs to be done.  The negotiation is usually done by a real estate agent wherein he comes up with ways to make both ends meet.

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One Response to “The Importance of Home Inspections”

  • A bit of advice here and perhaps a clarification. Home inspectors do not offer a warranty or guarantee of any kind. So while it is true that a home inspector may offer insight into the remaining service life of a component such as roofing or various appliances, you should keep in mind that this is simply the inspector’s opinion. New appliances can, and sometimes do, fail without warning. I’ve personally seen roofs that appeared to be 10 years old when in fact they were installed a mere two years prior. There are many reasons why in this particular example a roof may appear older than it actually is which could include a combination of factors such as adequacy of attic ventilation, climate, and how many layers of roofing are stacked one atop the other.