The funny and friendly Box wall cabinet for kids

When it comes to children’s furniture, there are, of course, lots of different designs and child-friendly pieces of furniture. Still, those which also have a funny shape seem to be more successful. It’s understandable. The first impression is always very important and the impact these pieces have on the kids the first time they see them is always a success. The Box wall cabinet is the perfect example for that.

The Box wall cabinet was designed for kids, probably boys in particular by Dearkids. The Box cabinet is part of the Easy collection and it was designed for dearkids. It’s a wall mounted sectional cabinet with a very interesting design. There are nine independent modules that don’t seem to have much in common. However, when put together, they all form a friendly shape representing a robot. Given the fact that it’s a robot, I would say this is a more suitable piece of furniture for boys. Girls tend to have other preferences. However, the neutral green color makes this piece versatile.

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There are two larger pieces, square-shaped, and one of them represents the head. It only has two simple black markings on it but they can easily be interpreted as being the eyes. Of course, the order in which you can arrange the pieces is not standard. Feel free to experiment. In fact, the idea was to allow the user to play with the component and to feel like a kid again. You can have fun installing it and your kid can enjoy it from there on.

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Posted in Bookshelves on April 23, 2012

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