The functional Pontus desk by Russell Pinch

Pontus is a desk with a design that’s very functional and with a name that actually suits it very well. It inspires strength and durability but also simplicity and functionality, exactly the characteristics of this desk. The Pontus desk was designed by Russell Pinch. It’s quite generous in size and has a simple design and a well-proportioned structure.

The desk has a rectangular shape and a simple structure. It’s made of a combination of different types of wood, including walnut and oak. It features six fairly large drawers. Four of them are on the sides, two on each end, while the other two are in the middle area, above the space designed for the chair. The drawers feature a white finish and they stand out. The rest of the desk has a natural wood finish. The drawers are very useful for storing documents, paper and all sorts of desk supplies.

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Additional storage is also available in the shape of a pigeon-hole unit. It features a series of either open of closed storage spaces and shelves that can also serve as display areas. This unit can either be placed directly onto the desk or mounted on the wall. The overall dimensions of the desk are 1800w x 750d x 755h. It’s a simple but very functional piece of furniture and it even features a cable management system with a hidden router/hard drive storage built-in.

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Posted in Office Design Ideas on July 5, 2012

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