The Float magazine rack

You don’t have to be crazy about reading magazines to have one or two lying around the house. Everyone buys a magazine once in a while, whether it’s to find out what’s new or because the field is of interest. Anyway, you’ll need a nice magazine rack to keep them all organized. This is the Float magazine rack, a very simple and pretty good-looking item that comes in handy in any home.

The Float magazine rack offers you a simple and unique way to display and to organize your collection of magazines. It has a minimalist design and the dimensions are quite small as well so it’s both functional and chic. You can place it anywhere around the house. It will take little space and it will provide you with a simple way of keeping the magazines organized and easy to find whenever you need them. You can use the rack as a single unit or you can get one for each collection of magazines you have, if this is the case.

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The Float magazine rack can hold up to 12 magazines. It’s made of chrome plated steel and it has an extremely simple design. The dimensions of the rack are 510 x 366 x 170 mm. Because of the design and the finish, the rack is very versatile and it can be integrated in any kind of décor. Use it in the living room, in the kitchen where you can use it to store and organize your cooking magazines or in the bedroom for all the things you like to read before going to bed.Available for 65$.

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Posted in Home Gadgets on April 2, 2012

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