The educational Coast to Coast Rug

It’s never too early or too late to educate yourself. For the kids, it’s easier to do that without stressing them out, without making feel like they have to learn something. It’s easier to simply put the information at their disposal and let them assimilate them whenever they want. For example, you can turn learning into a game or make a part of your home décor with this educational rug.

The Coast to Coast rug is a representation of the US map with all its states featuring a different color. The land is surrounded by water on all sides and the rug has a rectangular shape. It’s a colorful and educational accessory for the home and it’s something that could be used in the children’s room, in the library, study or anywhere else you think it might be useful. It’s a simple and creative way of helping your kid remember information related to US geography and not only.

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This colorful rug it made from a blend of Indian and New Zeeland wool. It’s a 100% wool rug and it’s soft and very pleasant to walk on. It has 100% cotton backing and it comes in two sizes. There’s ne that measures 4’ x 6’ and another version with the dimensions of 5’ x 8’. They both have the same design. The price varies from $229 to $329, according to the size you prefer.

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Posted in Rugs & Carpets on June 25, 2012

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