The Comfy Coleman bed

The bed is a very important item in ay home. Nothing compared to a good night sleep. There’s not much you can do after spending most of the night fighting with a bumpy and uncomfortable bed. But when you get up fresh in the morning, cheerful and happy, everything gets better and better. You can do that with the Coleman bed.

It’s a graceful and very comfortable piece of furniture that resembles those elegant Victorian brass beds. It features a curved headboard and footboard that are made of a thick and thin stock. Each joint features handcrafted castings for more elegance and style. Moreover, the subtle hints of blue and the textured deep-bronze finish only make this bed more beautiful.

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The Coleman bed has a structure hand forged of steel and joined with sturdy aluminum castings. It also has beautiful details sculpted and finish with an antique-bronze color. The Coleman bed was designed to be used with a box spring. It comes in four different sizes: the twin bed that measures 45″ wide x 81″ long x 57″ high, the full size with the dimensions of 60″ wide x 81″ long x 57.5″ high, the queen size measuring 66″ wide x 86″ long x 57.5″ high and the king version with the dimensions of 82″ wide x 86″ long x 57.5″ high. You can buy it for prices between EUR579.44 – EUR745.23.

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Posted in Furniture on January 9, 2012

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