The capri teardrop lamp

In a world full of all sorts of different lamp designs, it’s not easy to find the right one for you. But if you prefer simple and chic lamps, then it might get easier after you see this one. The capri teardrop lamp is a very beautiful item, with a simple and yet eye-catching design. Its name is very suggestive, as the base is actually shaped like a teardrop.

The lamp is made of colored glass with polished nickel accents, a full range dimmer and gloss parchment shade. It works with a 150 watt max bulb. It’s a chic lamp design, modern and colorful. The base of the lamp is available is several different colors. There’s the white version, in case you want something minimalist and neutral and there are also more vibrant colors like orange, green or light blue or, if you prefer something warm and a little more sophisticated, there’s also a grey version.

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The lamp is part of the Capri Lighting Collection and it measures 26″ high. It’s a table lamp that could be used for example in the living room, in the office on the desk or in the bedroom on the nightstand. Its simple and versatile design allows it to be included in a variety of different decors. You can buy the Capri teardrop lamp for $275.00.

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Posted in Lighting on October 5, 2011

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