The beauty of wall murals and their ability to change or complete a décor

They’re not as popular as wallpaper or other simpler ways of adding a little extra style to a room but their impact is much stronger. Wall murals can completely change the way a room looks like and they can help bring together a décor. Some even allow you to escape into a tropical paradise right there, in the comfort of your own home. Let’s take a look at some beautiful wall murals and see how they’ve been integrated into the décor.

Living room with forest mural and white sofa.A good combination

This is a living room where the contrast of colors, patterns and textures is very strong. The mural is an unexpected detail that increases the liveliness of the décor and that has a certain connection with the cowhide rug. The white sofa was a good choice because a darker color would have made the room seem too dark and would have also made the colors pop less.

Black and white snapshot mural…an enlarged old photo of the owner’s

If you like murals but it’s difficult to choose one because of the multitude of models, maybe you should focus on something a little more personal. For example, here we have a beautiful black and white snapshot mural that is actually an enlarged old photo of the owner’s parents. It’s a charming addition to the room. Of course, you would have to choose the photo carefully before enlarging it and turning it into a mural.

A mix of joy and design

A wall mural could also really change the atmosphere in an office. An image that captures something fun and exciting could serve as inspiration when you’re working and would give you the boost you need when doing so. In this small office, for example, the sun-bleached Ferris wheel reflects motion and also adds color to the room.

Beach-inspired room with a beautiful wall mural

And since we all dream, at some point, of escaping into a tropical paradise, you can use that image to make your bedroom a little more attractive and relaxing. A tropical mural can really change the atmosphere, especially when you also take it one step further and also use matching bold colors for the rest of the décor, maybe even some other accessories that remind you of a relaxing day at the beach.

Palm tree mural

But tropical murals don’t necessarily have to be very colorful and bold. They would still transmit the same feeling even without the color. So you can opt for something with a more subtle visual impact and to still get the same effects.

Educative mural for  kids room

In a child or teenager’s bedroom, a giant map mural would a fun and educational choice. It’s a great choice for both boys and girls and it’s wonderful for both teens and younger kids. Cover the wall adjacent to or facing the bed/s and allow your kids to fall asleep dreaming about future trips and adventures all over the world.

Modern dining room featuring a mural wall

Few things are better than having breakfast or dinner on the beach, watching the waves approach the land and the fluffy clouds rapidly moving in the sky while listening to the sound of water. You can do that in your vacation but you can also recreate the décor in your home so that you can remember those beautiful moments all year long. A wall mural can help you do that with style.

Antique bathroom with an amazing wall mural

You might think that murals are only for rooms such as the living room, dining room or the bedroom but you would be very wrong. A mural can change the look of any room in the house. It can even transform a bathroom into a serene and stylish space. This example reflects this idea perfectly and the colors are chosen very well.

Create a focal entryway by choosing a mural

Mural wall design that add a touch of luxury to this dining room

The hallway and the staircase wall can also be a great space for a mural. It’s an opportunity to create an original interior décor and a beautiful and inviting atmosphere right from the entrance. The theme for the mural needs to be chosen carefully so that it reflects the entire house and not just a portion of it. An image from the nature would be something suitable for this area.

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