The 6172 Chesterfield Sleep Sofa

Comfortable and eye-catching, the Chesterfield Sleep Sofa has a very unique design. It has some antique-like elements but it also seems fairly modern. The overall design is rather simple with the exception of the tufted upholstery. Also, there is another interesting detail that makes this sofa unique and that is the multitude of antiqued studs that show the shape of the frame.The 6172 Chesterfield Sleep Sofa would look nice in a traditional or modern living room where it would be a comfortable addition. The overall dimensions of the Chesterfield Sleep Sofa are 30.5’’ height x 78’’ width x 38’’ depth. The seat height is 20’’ and the arm height is 27’’. The mattress measures 53’’ x 75’’.

The nice thing about the 6172 Chesterfield Sleep Sofa is that it can transform into a comfy bed in no time. It will provide a cozy place to sleep for extra guests and it doesn’t take any extra space since it’s integrated into the sofa design. Such extendable pieces of furniture are great for small homes.

Moreover, the 6172 Chesterfield Sleep Sofa is also an eye-catching addition to the room. It features green upholstery and has a unique design. Other similar pieces of furniture include the 8172 Chesterfield Sofa and the 8372 Chesterfield Sofa that basically share the same design and with different colors.Th price it’s available on request.

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Posted in Sofa and Chair on February 13, 2012

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