The 4th Dimension Concrete Clock by 22DesignStudio

We all have wall clocks in our homes. It’s such a basic item we don’t even think about it. But this is also something interesting. If it’s such a basic object and everyone has one, it means it’s also an opportunity to create something unique and intriguing that would quickly become popular. Among the infinity of clock designs, we found this one. The 4th dimension clock offers something that no other clock did until now: a new perspective.

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The clocks are individually handmade using concrete and they are order made only. This means you won’t be able to return it and you’ll also have to wait up to a month for the delivery. Still, it’s worth waiting for such a unique clock. The clock was designed by 22DesignStudio and it’s made of high-density cement. Its dimensions are Diam.5.9 x W3.3″.

4th Dimension Concrete ClockView in gallery

A cement wall clock is definitely unusual. But not as unusual as its actual design. The clock features a spiral staircase with hands on its top level that go down and up as time goes by. Light and shadows also change with time. It’s an interesting and unique clock that takes the concept of time to another level. This is the type of clock that is both useful and eye-catching in its function of decorative item. You can now buy the clock for $375.

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Posted in Home Gadgets on November 3, 2011

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