The 1965 Mustang pool table

We’ve recently had an article about the Jag Bookcase. It was an opportunity to see a new use of a beautiful and a way of integrating it into the home. Today we have another similar article, this time about a Mustang. This is the 1965 Mustang Pool Table. It’s the perfect thing for a car enthusiast who enjoys playing pool. For some it might seem like a huge waste to have such a beautiful car used as a pool table.

The Mustang pool table was present at the Barret-Jackson Auto Auction in 2010. The table is made from a solid fiberglass body molded from a 1965 Mustang. It features alloy rims and wheels. The actual body of the car needed to undergo a series of changes in order to become a pool table. For example, the length of the car shell needed to be shortened in order to fit the table. However, both the front and rear ends are the same size as the original Mustang.

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In order to preserve the car’s character, the pool table even features working lights, chrome decals and bumpers. Moreover, the car is officially licensed, even though you’ll never be able to take to a ride. You can have this beauty parked into your home and you can even order in a color of your choice. All you’ll need to do is pay $15,000.{found on Carscoop}.

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Posted in Home Gadgets on April 3, 2012

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