Thanksgiving pillows

Well, I know some of you are sick and tired of the subject, but bear two more days and you won’t hear about it for another year. So Thanksgiving Day is near and it is celebrated in many countries, not only USA. I don’t know if all those who celebrate it really know the history of this special day, but the important thing is that you gather with friends and family and sometimes remember to help those less fortunate, which is a totally positive message.

But sometimes, people feel the need to turn this holiday into a little Christmas, something like a total decoration of the house. The old ladies take out all kinds of special decorations and show them off, being really proud of them. This is how you find out that your granny knows how to make embroidery and also sow a very nice turkey pattern on a pillow case.

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I really like these pillow cases and I honestly wish I knew how to make these real works of art, but I find it a lot easier to buy them from the store, so … problem solved. They look so lovely and bring a bit of that happiness and feeling of richness and plenitude, that you could use them all year long.