Thailand national petroleum exploration headquarters

PTT Exploration and Production or PTTEP is Thailand’s national petroleum exploration company has a headquarters located in Bangkok, Thailand that was designed by HASSELL after winning the competition. The total project area is 46,000 sqm and the company occupies eighteen floors. It’s located in the ENCO building in Bangkok. The design creates an open plan workplace that’s organized around a new internal stairway that links all the levels, creating a homogenous design.

The headquarters was completed in 2009. Breakout and hub spaces are situated near the stair landings, encouraging this way staff interaction. Around the central core, utility rooms are located so that work space areas would benefit from natural light. The open floor plan is not the kind of organization this company was used with and this had changed the culture and the interactivity between employees.

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Among some other changes, there was the addition of a floor dedicated to client relations and a separate executive suite. Also, two roof decks provide additional recreational space for the staff members. As for the interior design and colors, the inspiration came from the luminous gas flame associated with oil exploration and production and that color has been used in different tones throughout the whole space. Some trees and vertical wall climbers add a green touch to the environment and complement the whole design.{found on archdaily}