Ten White Home Products To Complement Your Décor

Home interiors are as individual as homeowners. Nevertheless, somewhere in most homes there is a space that will be given over to a white décor. This is because white is such an easy color palette to design with and will work in places that other colors will not. As such, it can be a go to color for many a designer. With so much white on show in homes it is no wonder that domestic product designers also turn to white again and again. But which white products will become design classics and which will fail to make an impact in a blizzard of offerings?

Blank Bathrooms.

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White tiles and towels make for an inviting bathroom, but nothing works better than the cool white of a porcelain bathroom suite. Freestanding blank baths are perfect for a whiteout in your wet room. Set the look off with a matching hand wash basin and toilet.

Cool Kitchens.

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A kitchen is the perfect place in your home for high gloss white. Highly reflective surfaces don’t work in every domestic space but glossy cabinet fronts create a fine look for a kitchen. Compliment the white look with granite countertops and chrome fittings.

Frosted Flooring.

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Laminate flooring that has an off white hue will make a great addition to any home. Ideally suited for places where you will put your feet up and relax, white laminates work well in spaces like conservatories. White flooring also goes well in laundry rooms.

Alabaster Offices.

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Why not go white for your home office design? A cool white office chair with leather upholstery will look stylish in most studies and office spaces. Sit back in a style when you work from home.

Blanched Bedrooms.

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White bedrooms make for a simple styling that guests will love. A simply designed bed that has both a white frame and headboard will look great in your guest room. Add pure white bedding and pillows covers to complete the look.

Ashen Accessories.

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When you have added a good deal of white to particular room’s design, it can often be let down by overlooking little touches. Add a white accessory or two to any room in order to get a more finished appearance. White door handles and knobs are the ideal way of setting off the white-on-white look.

Snowy Storage Solutions.

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Keeping things neat and tidy in a white space is something you will probably want to do since clutter can disrupt the styling. A blank room can look untidy even if a few items are out of place. By adding a storage solution, like a plain white stylised coat rack, you can help maintain the minimalist look.

Milky Media Storage.

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Another great white storage idea is something to house your media systems. A low profile media storage console can be used to house your television, DVD player and gaming devices, whilst keeping unsightly cables out of view. Avoid the many out there that are black or gray and go for a white one.

Transparent Trays.

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If you have an ivory dining room, then you can really spoil the look when you bring drinks out, or food to be served, on anything other than a white tray. Choose a tray that has been lacquered in white, giving an even finish. They look equally at home in the dining room or the lounge.

Pearl Pendant Lamps.

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Set your neutral color scheme off with some choice light fittings. Pure white pendant lamps that are suspended from the ceiling are a great way of completing a white themed décor. Choose a shade that has an interesting shape to make up for the lack of vibrant color.

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