10 Home Improvement Projects That Increase The Value Of Your Home

Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your house before selling or you simply want to exploit its potential, there are so many great projects just waiting to happen. Pick your favorite, the one that could best improve your home or tackle them all. Either way, it’s a step up.

A quick bathroom makeover.

A clean and organized bathroom is always more attractive than one that looks old and outdated. If you want a serious makeover, then replace the tiles with new ones. If you want something quick and simple, a fresh coat of paint, some new shower curtains, a new mirror and some good-looking fixtures should do the trick.{found on livelygreendoor}.

A fresh-looking kitchen.

To give the kitchen a fresh vibe consider using light colors. It’s an especially great idea if the kitchen is small. Repaint the cabinets and install a new backsplash to match your new color palette. Some new light fixtures would also look nice.{found on thekitchn}.

Replace the bedroom windows/ doors.

If the bedroom has direct access to a balcony or terrace, then it might be a good idea to take a good look at the doors and windows separating the two spaces. If they’re old and outdated, replace them. If not, get a can of paint, a brush and start your new project.

Make the bedroom feel cozy with fabrics.

It’s important for the bedroom to look and to feel cozy and inviting. So use texture and color to your advantage. A wimple, light background can be complemented by soft fabrics which you can use for the bed. Add a nice area rug to enhance the warmth.

Paint the front door.

In most cases, it’s all about the first impression. An attractive front door can make the rest of the house look more beautiful. Paint the door a vibrant color like yellow, orange or purple to make it stand out. It will make your home unforgettable.

Decorate the entryway.

The front door isn’t the only important element responsible for a great first impression. Decorate the entryway with potted plants, sconces and a lovely welcome mat. Make sure it looks clean and friendly.

Clean the front yard.

Increase your house’s curb appeal with a beautiful front yard. Make sure the grass is fresh, green and beautiful, that the flowers look good and let the vibrant colors and natural beauty do the work for you.

Impress with your driveway.

A beautiful driveway always impresses so make sure yours is as stunning as it can be. Clean it, give it a sharp look and it wouldn’t hurt to also decorate it with a few potted plants as long as they don’t interfere with the rest of the design.

Let the flowers speak for you.

Most people love flowers and find them charming. Use potted flowers and plants to decorate the yard, the driveway, the deck and patio. Play with colors and forms to create interesting arrangements.

Light up the porch.

Nobody likes a dark and creepy-looking porch at night so make sure your outdoor lighting is in perfect condition. Get some new sconces or add some lamps for a more romantic and bohemian look.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on January 18th, 2012


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